albert casais You can say it all started when my mother gave me a cheap plastic portable cassette recorder in 1977. I used to take it with me everywhere I went and do these little "pause button" mixes. I would record things in the car on a Sunday family drive, in restaraunts, in the park , etc. etc. Later on my mother bought me a "Sears" electric guitar and amplifier with wich I had no interest in playing in a conventional manner ... ... I purchased a 4-track and began doing experiments with field recordings,guitar,&electronics. Eventually I started up a small cassette label called Jill*Off and began trading tapes with many people involved in the "home taping" scene of the early to mid 90's. I stopped the label in 1996 to pursue "higher education" and received a degree in audio engineering at the Institute of Audio Research in N.Y.C. When I finished school I began experimenting with computer music and field recordings and generally following what's going in on the world of technology.