jeph jerman + albert casais and this
second edition: cdr
translucent vellum envelope with letterpress sticker
designed and printed by ben owen

1. track 01
- 27:18
2. track 02 - 24:48
3. track 03 - 19:45

listen to an excerpt of track 03

sitting in my studio i can hear the neighbor's stereo. there are other sounds in the house though, and i focus on these. this disc has been playing in repeat mode in the kitchen for about a week. there will be no sound for longish periods, and then something will attract my attention. i can then focus my attention there, and if i let it, every other sound blends with the sporadic clicks and pops coming from the other room. i forget the neighbor's stereo, the children playing loudly behind the house, the refridgerator and hot water heater. just sound. like focusing one's eyes on a small detail in the room, the background becomes fuzzy and its edges blur...

i sometimes forget that it's playing, and am sometimes startled and begin seeking the source of the sound.

"and this" can be listened to simultaneously with our previous duo recording, "add this to that" (Shadow Puppet Recording Company).
Jeph Jerman. 2006


no longer available