ben owen radio>in
edition: 100 cdr
letterpress sleeve
mastered by ben owen
designed and printed by ben owen

1. track 01
- 20:47
2. track 02 - 05:02
3. track 03 - 11:52

listen to an excerpt of track 2


radio>in is a document recording consiting of an fm radio transmitter, a portable fm radio, and mixer. the fm transmitter sent a signal to the portable radio, the portable radio to the mixer, and back into the fm transmitter. no radio station signal was used, tuned to a fragment of unused fm radio band, the fm transmitter signal is captured and sent back to the fm transmitter via the mixer. track three indicates some subtle tuning adjustments during this process. track three is available as an .ogg download from desetxea (072) anti-copyright net label.
recorded february 2004 in brooklyn, NY.


no longer available