v-p v-f is v-n 7" compilation series, 7001
jeph jerman + albert casais, ting ting jahe, richard garet, alfredo costa monteiro, ben owen, lawrence english, jeph jerman, civyiu kkliu, tommy birchett, ilya monosov, mpld, andy graydon, and ben scott.

edition: 350
7" black vinyl record

letterpress sleeve and insert. custom die cut sleeve.
designed and printed by ben owen


Track Listing
side l
33 RPM
jeph jerman + albert casais. 1' for ben owen. 1:00
ting ting jahe. 531e1-3. 2007. 1:00
richard garet. 59 seconds. 0:59
alfredo costa monteiro. élytres. 1:00
ben owen. typhoon, kii-tanabe. 2005. 0:56
lawrence english. water run sand. 1:00
mpld. red tape. 1:00
jeph jerman. . 1.8 second
ben owen. 2. 2007. 1.8 second

side ll
45 RPM
civyiu kkliu. rudolf unger. 2007. 1:00
jeph jerman. 50". 0:50
ben owen. s-s-e,sm,ca. 2007. 0:16
tommy birchett. wm7b. 0:11
andy graydon. two fold note. 2007. 1:00
ben scott. ccc. 0:25
ilya monosov. for well treated trumpet. short version. 2002. 1:01
civyiu kkliu. 1111 (for a broken locket). 2007. 1.333 second
mpld. do in to you. 1.333 second
mpld. do in to me. 1.333 second
tommy birchett. question reprise. 0:07

listen to
red tape 1:00 by mpld courtesy of the wire magazine

first in a series of compilations for winds measure. these collections focus on the work of past, present, and future collaborators
with the imprint. this compilation collects works dealing specifically with short durations and lock grooves.



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