jason kahn + takefumi naoshima in a room
edition: 300 cd

letterpress sleeve.
designed and printed by ben owen


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1. in a room- 1'00'00

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In this recording Takefumi Naoshima and myself were trying to listen to the room as something like an equal partner in the development of the music. In other playing situations this is often not the case, as the musicians are rather listening to each other (or themselves) first and foremost, with the performance space as an afterthought. And for this reason we chose the title "In a Room".

Due to the fact that we played very softly and sparsely the sounds of the room and even those from outside take on equal importance with the sounds we are making with our instruments. In a sense, listening to the CD could be approached in a similar way, with the volume of the playback somehow melding with the volume of the listening environment, so that the recording doesn't dominate the listening environment--just as our playing didn't dominate the recording environment, but worked with it.

jason kahn january 2009


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