gilles aubry s6t8r
edition: 300 cd

4 color letterpress sleeve.
designed and printed by ben owen


part 1 - 13:24
part 2 - 14:44
part 3 - 13:30

listen to an excerpt of part 1
listen to an excerpt of part 2


s6t8r (2008-09)

The piece is based on recordings made inside several of the rooms of the Stralau 68 building, a former venue for experimental music in Berlin, now empty.
The sound of the trains passing periodicaly on the bridge nearby is very loud and participates strongly to the sonic identity of the building. These sounds and others from the surroundings are resonating inside the building, 'coloured' by the specific acoustics of each room.
In that sense, this composition re-presents space rather as fluctuating matter than as stable geometric volume, and documents at the same time the recording process which is responsible for this transformation.
Additional onsite found sounds have been included in this composition.

gilles aubry


Gilles Aubry is a Swiss sound artist, composer & musician based in berlin since 2002.
He uses field recordings, computer programming, surround sound, hacked electronics and improvisation to create live performances, sound installations, CD and radio pieces.
His work is informed by personal investigations on formal, perceptual and anthropological aspects of sound production and reception, including auditory perception, space representation, site specificity, cultural accoustics and streams of information. Gilles Aubry's compositions have been published on Absinth Records, Creative Sources, Cronica Electronica, Schraum, Conspiracy and Sound Implant.

gilles aubry


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