pierre gerard and andy graydon untitled, (magnetisms)
edition: 100
cassette cs40

letterpress sleeve + fold out print
designed and printed by ben owen
cover image by ben owen from ink drawing, november 2010.
professionally duplicated/imprinted cassettes
release date: february 15, 2011

sleeve and cassette images


Track Listing
I: orientation (magnetite crystals) 20:01

II: refrain
1. givens 9:24
2. returns 10:48

I: composed by pierre gerard (2010)
II: composed by andy graydon (2010)


listen to an excerpt of orientation (magnetite crystals) here and here

listen to an excerpt of refrain here

"untitled, (magnetisms)" is the first collaborative project between Pierre Gerard (Belgium) and Andy Graydon (Germany/USA). Invited by winds measure to produce a work for cassette tape, the two artists focused on the the particular materiality of this sound technology, once so common and now so rare. Tape's manipulation of a magnetic field evoked other sorts of sensitive magnetic systems, from the intuitive navigation of migratory birds to the organization of the earth's polarity. Starting from this idea of polarity and homeward migration, each artist sent the other a field recording from his home environment for the other to process and compose with: Andy sent a recording of bamboo in the forests outside his childhood home on Maui, Hawaii. Pierre recorded "a wooden table located outside a house in the French village Espère. The table is directed towards the horizon which becomes bluish..." The resulting (trans)migration of sounds and form became this release.

pierre gerard

pierre gerard
andy graydon


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