mpld lacunae
edition: 150
dvdr + card

letterpress sleeve, variable edition
designed by gill arnò, improv print session gill arnò
and ben owen.
release date:
june 1, 2011

dvdr encoded for all regions

video excerpts link

sleeve images link


part 1 - 4:40
part 2 - 33:26

gill arnò: modified and amplified slide projectors, computer.
recorded at fotofono on april 12, 2006.


mpld’s working process is, at first blush, a simple one: two slide projectors aimed at a single screen and microphones to make the
mechanisms audible. But like the unclear origins of his images, the realization of his work isn’t as simple as that.

What results can be seen as a depiction of the haze of forgetting. Before the era of the ubiquitous cell-phone camera, photographs
were most often taken to preserve memories of vacations. mpld’s work is filled with unnamed lakes and mountains and highways.
Where they were taken, in a sense, doesn’t matter, because we’ve seen them before. We’ve even taken the same pictures. [...]

[excerpts from Kurt Gottschalk's essay - available in the reviews]



no longer available