v-p v-f is v-n double [field] compilation series, 203
patrick farmer, daniel blinkhorn, martin clarke, hideki umezawa, renato rinaldi, ben owen, jason kahn, jez riley french, eric la casa, sally ann mcintyre, simon whetham, lasse-marc riek, michael j. schumacher, alan courtis

edition: 230
double cdr

1 color letterpress sleeve, tip on photograph.
designed and printed by ben owen
release date: november 05, 2012

produced in tandem with: wm30m v-p v-f is v-n mix [field] compilation series, 203m
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thanks to giuseppe ielasi, lawrence english, richard garet and sarah nicholls.

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disc I
I-1 coral-cnidaria - daniel blinkhorn 14:30
I-2 gate - martin clarke 4:51
I-3 oil stove - hideki umezawa 2:20
I-4 aqve - renato rinaldi 8:18
I-5 crab-coenobita - daniel blinkhorn 8:57
I-6 thames gate - ben owen 1:13
I-7 in place: panorama weg, zurich (excerpt) - jason kahn 15:04
I-8 bathroom then barn estonia - jez riley french 15:02

disc II
II-1 night train in montlouis - eric la casa 7:57
II-2 waiorua rotations - sally ann mcintyre 14:31
II-3 small glacier from shoreline - daniel blinkhorn 8:29
II-4 estonian swamp - simon whetham 6:35
II-5 coed-y-dinas - patrick farmer 3:03
II-6 8524 oto-date - ben owen 1:08
II-7 air conditioner duct - michael j. schumacher 9:10
II-8 amsterdam-brussels train - alan courtis 4:33
II-9 864-1 elbe - ben owen 7:02
II-10 lake - lasse-marc riek 5:57

listen to an excerpt of I-4 aqve by renato rinaldi
listen to an excerpt of
II-2 waiorua rotations by sally ann mcintyre

jason kahn notes on in place: panoramaweg, zurich


third in a series of compilations for winds measure. these collections focus on the work of past, present, and future collaborators
with the imprint. this compilation collects works dealing specifically with unprocessed field recordings.

daniel blinkhorn
patrick farmer
martin clarke
hideki umezawa
renato rinaldi
ben owen
jason kahn
jez riley french
eric la casa
sally ann mcintyre
simon whetham
lasse-marc riek
michael j. schumacher
alan courtis

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