catherine lamb matter/moving
edition: 100

cassette x2 cs48

letterpress inner and outer sleeve and insert
designed and printed by ben owen
professionally duplicated/imprinted cassettes
release date: april 9, 2014


cover drawing by catherine lamb, arranged by chance and colors by ben owen;
inspired by the drawings and drawing collaboration with bryan eubanks.
sleeve images link


cassette I
I: matter/moving (1) 24:29
II: matter/moving (2) 23:14

cassette II
III: matter/moving (3) 23:07
IV: matter/moving (4) 22:37


realized by tucker dulin, bryan eubanks and andrew lafkas
queens, ny 2013


In these four recordings you will find what at first might seem like repetition—four versions of the same piece, being realized by the same musicians, in the same space, over a two day period of time. Andrew, Bryan, and Tucker playing in Andrew's apartment, sitting atop a building in Jackson Heights, Queens, with Manhattan in the distance. The environment outside is fluctuating, yet the quality is similar. The form and tonality within the piece remains the same in the four versions, but what occurs between form and articulation changes—in terms of the interaction of elements and grains of tones in moments of time. Through repetition of sympathetic resonances, overtime these tones interact more clearly and what at first is outside/inside becomes inside/outside.

catherine lamb, january 2014


matter/moving (2011)
score pdf


listen to an excerpt of matter/moving (III)


catherine lamb


no longer available