patrick farmer wild horses think of nothing else the sea - tape readings

edition: 106

cassette x2 cs67, cs43

letterpress inner and outer sleeve and insert
designed and printed by ben owen
professionally duplicated/imprinted cassettes
release date: may 02, 2016


sleeve and text page images

photographs from patrick farmer's walk


cassette I
I: antoine beuger 32:22
II-I: jeph jerman 7:03
II-II: bruno guastalla 25:17

cassette II
III-I: sally ann mcintyre 8:39
III-II: holly pester 9:41
IV-I: daniela cascella 5:10
IV-II: michael pisaro 15:18


read by antoine beuger, jeph jerman, bruno guastalla, sally ann mcintyre,
holly pester, daniela cascella and michael pisaro, 2014

mastered by samuel rodgers, 2015

wild horses think of nothing else the sea
published by saru, 2014


listen to an excerpt of holly pester


patrick farmer



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