stephen cornford and ben gwilliam on taking things apart

artist edition
edition: 24

cd + 3 silkscreen prints
prints: 3
silkscreen prints made from a recycled tape machine
fabriano paper 280 gsm
finely hand ground materials and print medium
dark brown (woods, paper, earth materials), reddish (pcb, bakerlite, aluminium alloys, components) and grey (cremated parts and magnetic elements)

letterpress and perforation sleeve
silkscreen prints by
stephen cornford and ben gwilliam, hand pulled by rachael elwell 2016-06

release date: august 4, 2016


sleeve and print images


on taking things apart 42:41


Grundig TK5 tape machine.

posted to Brussels
dismantled on arrival
various levers spun on motor
speakers used to amplify floor
resistors as styluses
fixing plate as broadcast antenna
feedback animated through chassis
springs heated & cooled
components crushed

All recorded to tape.
Remains buried.

recorded June 2012 at Q-02, Brussels
thanks to Julia Eckhardt & Ludo Engels
mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi


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stephen cornford
ben gwilliam



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