updated 16-05-03

consumer waste: lami cd + booklet
tochnit aleph: julius LP
1000fussler: kwang, whetham, jun, diatribes & alvear 3" cdr's, buettner cd
erstwhile: takahiro kawaguchi/utah kawasaki, drumm/lescalleet, parks/rossetto, disanto/hoffman cd's
intonema: va aa lr, songs (capece, lamb, singh, sterne), badrutt belorukov kocher, pisaro cd's
edition rz: julius cd
meenna: taku sugimoto (sugimoto/eubanks/thieke/chang/shirley/nutters/lane) cd


obs: dumont & loubatière cdr


en route
e/static: rolf julius, joan la barbara dvd

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