v-p v-f is v-n mix [field] compilation series, 203m
patrick farmer, michael northam, martin clarke, stefan thut, greg dixon, lasse-marc riek, janek schaefer

edition: free
file - 52'07 - wav, mp3
release date: november 05, 2012

produced in tandem with: v-p v-f is v-n double [field] compilation series, 203
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thanks to giuseppe ielasi


michael northam - goodwill bins
patrick farmer - breaking ice
martin clarke - bees
stefan thut - a volume or two
greg dixon - orford walk
lasse-marc riek - forest
janek schaefer - late night and far away

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third in a series of compilations for winds measure. these collections focus on the work of past, present, and future collaborators
with the imprint. this compilation collects works dealing specifically with unprocessed field recordings.

patrick farmer
michael northam
martin clarke

stefan thut
lasse-marc riek
greg dixon
janek schaefer

available: file is free to download