ulrich krieger
the yggdrasil-soli
edition: 200 cd

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letterpress booklet sleeve, 5 cd set
design and print by ben owen
release date: 2018


disc I
01 ulrich krieger - drei nornen (2006)
02 radu malfatti - unagiya (2014)

disc II
03 antoine beuger - un feu qui n'est pas celui du soleil (2009)
04 michael pisaro - branch melody (2010)

disc III
05 aniela marie perry - dáinn, dvalinn, duneyrr, duraprór (2009)
06 carter williams - 'wieder ward milch und zucker vermischt ...' (2009)

disc IV
07 julia holter - drop and bell song (2010)
08 mark so - underworld (2010

disc V
09 ulrich krieger - von den letzten dingen (2010)
10 beuger, holter, krieger, malfatti, perry, pisaro, so, williams - yggdrasil-soli (2006-14)

extended tracklist, instrument and information

listen to an excerpt of
ulrich krieger - drei nornen
listen to an excerpt of aniela marie perry - dáinn, dvalinn, duneyrr, duraprór

the yggdrasil-soli is a project conceived and curated by ulrich krieger

and composed by antoine beuger, julia holter, ulrich krieger, radu malfatti,
aniela marie perry, michael pisaro, mark so, carter williams.

nine soli to be performed independently or simultaneously in any combination

all pieces are performed by their composers.
special thanks to scott cazan, the 'hidden 9th composer' ...

any of the soli can be combined with any other(s) of the set.
feel free to make copies and play them from different systems at the same time.

edited and mastered by ulrich krieger


ulrich krieger
antoine beuger
julia holter
radu malfatti
aniela marie perry
michael pisaro
mark so
carter williams

scott cazan


available: 2018